A week ago Facebook decided to mess with the fb:multi-friend-request function for Fan Page tabs. Upon selecting friends a new window was added requesting that you import your non-Facebook contacts to Facebook. When skip was clicked users were redirected to:


No one at Facebook has responded to this problem. Facebook BugZilla link:


For everyone experiencing the problem I have created a temporary solution.

Your friend selection code will look similar to:
content=”MPORGsoft Facebook Applications<fb:req-choice url=’http://facebook.com/mporgsoft’ label=’GO’ /> “>

Where the # symbol for action means the tab page will refresh upon inviting friends.

I have replaced the # symbol with the actual tab url and the error still occured. Next, I tried using the wall page url and any other non-Facebook url and the error stopped and the user was redirected to the designated action url.

The problem exists in redirecting to a Fan Page tab. Even other non-related tabs will result in the error.

The temporary solution is to create a short url for your tab url. You can use any short url service and I also have my own at:


Go to your Facebook fan page and click on the tab to get the URL. Generate the short url and add new url to the action=”" field.

Images of the error:

Facebook Fan Page Error

Facebook Fan Page Error

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