Twitter started in the year 2006 and it is one of the most popular social networking sites.  Its tweets have already reached 5 billion in the second quarter of 2010.  Twitter has more than 100 million members and is still continuing to growing amazingly fast.  Would you believe that hundreds of thousands of new users are joining daily?

According to Bing and Google, two of the leading Internet browsers, Twitter remains to be on top of their list when it comes to fresh information, innovations, products and services.  These major search engines can see how Twitter is remarkably causing an enormous trend and appeal to people from all across the globe.  

Many people prefer Twitter over other social networking sites because of its great speed.  For instance, you have posted a tweet and this will surely be viewed by your followers in just a matter of seconds.  Twitter was able to attract millions of people from different age groups and professions and most of them are aged 35 to 44 years old and have very stable and competitive jobs.  They actually belong to the ¼ of the total users.  12% of this age group usually consists of young professionals and high-profile individuals who are earning more than $250,000.   

If you have a great number of followers, the bigger your chances are of being heard.  Over 50 million tweets are posted everyday and more or less 600 million are using their search engine daily.  Millions also make use of their mobile phones just to tweet.  This is how big Twitter is and this is undoubtedly a perfect venue for any type of business. 

What Twitter Requires from You

1.     You have to be trustworthy

If you want your online business boom, you need to be able to create a foundation of trust.  You have to mean everything you say in your articles, blogs and tweets. 

2.     You must participate

You must actively participate and increase your visibility in order for you to attract more followers.  The success of your business will depend so much on the number of the followers you have.

3.     You must learn to engage yourself

Socialize with your followers.  Try to communicate with them regularly, a simple greeting will do. 

4.     Make time

For you to be able to get positive results for your business, you need to invest enough time for it.  By doing so, you will clearly see the direction of your business.

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