Create your own Facebook Quiz Application

Version QuizGen1.0 (IFrame)
The Quiz Gen script for Facebook allows users to both take quizzes and create their own quizzes.


- In IFrame to be fully compatible with Facebook’s 2011 roadmap plans.
- Users can visit the application and view quizzes to take or create their own!
- Easy to create and manage quizzes.
- Configurable header and footer advertisements.
- Optimized for maximum CPM (cost per thousand) or CPC (cost per click) performance.
- Users can publish their quiz results to their profile.
- Users can invite friends and see what quizzes they have completed!
- Free installation available!


Self Advertises:
- Users can publish their quiz results to their profile.

Make money from your application!

Banner ads can easily be placed at the top and bottom of every page of the application. Place your banner ads on all pages of quizzes users create. Rockyou Ads is a great company that shows Facebook related banner ads. You can even integrate with Google Adsense or any other company.

Script Requirements (for hosting):
Regular Shared Hosting
Mysql database

- You will get the full script (source code) with nothing encrypted and complete setup guide / install instructions.
- Free installation available upon request.
- Contact [email][/email] for support or request install.


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