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A week ago Facebook decided to mess with the fb:multi-friend-request function for Fan Page tabs. Upon selecting friends a new window was added requesting that you import your non-Facebook contacts to Facebook. When skip was clicked users were redirected to:

No one at Facebook has responded to this problem. Facebook BugZilla link:

For everyone experiencing the problem I have created a temporary solution.

Your friend selection code will look similar to:
content=”MPORGsoft Facebook Applications<fb:req-choice url=’’ label=’GO’ /> “>

Where the # symbol for action means the tab page will refresh upon inviting friends.

I have replaced the # symbol with the actual tab url and the error still occured. Next, I tried using the wall page url and any other non-Facebook url and the error stopped and the user was redirected to the designated action url.

The problem exists in redirecting to a Fan Page tab. Even other non-related tabs will result in the error.

The temporary solution is to create a short url for your tab url. You can use any short url service and I also have my own at:

Go to your Facebook fan page and click on the tab to get the URL. Generate the short url and add new url to the action=”" field.

Images of the error:

Facebook Fan Page Error

Facebook Fan Page Error

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If you have a business you probably have a Facebook fan page for that business. You know how hard it is to get a strong fan base. Using the 3-Step Process on your fan page will help your fan page become viral by requesting that visitors:
1. Like the Fan Page.
2. Invite their friends.
3. Share your page, by posting to their Facebook wall.

Notice: Unlike other similar codes this 3-Step process follows Facebook’s TOS. There is no ‘forced’ wording or gimmicks making visitors invite friends or share. They can simply click next or skip to continue to the next step. While your Fan Page will grow slower using this TOS friendly method it will assure that your hard work is not wasted by your page being deleted by using this code.

All images, buttons and text can be customized for your page.


Even if you never created a FBML tab for your fan page we have a guide available that will walk you through it. The guide can be found at:

The 3-Step Process for your Facebook Fan Page is only $25
Buy Now with PayPal

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If you have a Facebook Fan page to promote your business you probably hate the url since when you created the page the URL was so long. Too bulky to type in and visit easily, and hard to promote your fan page.

Example of a long Fan Page URL:
Before –
After –

While not a new feature to be able to have a custom name/URL for your Fan Page many do not know about it, including myself until today.

Like the custom usernames one can have for a personal profile you can create one for a Fan Page.

To create your username visit:

Custon Facebook Fan Page Username

At the bottom click:
Set a username for your Pages.

There will be a pull down menu that will list all Fan Pages and Application Pages.

Also, there is a requirement to be eligible to change the name of your Fan Page. Your page must have 25 fans. Originally the requirement was much higher.

Good luck and happy promoting with your new shorter URL!

Facebook July 2009 Username Change Press Release
Facebook Help Documentation – Usernames

Fans, Friends And Followers: Building An Audience And A Creative Career In The Digital Age” title=”Fans, Friends And Followers: Building An Audience And A Creative Career In The Digital Age
Fans, Friends And Followers: Building An Audience And A Creative Career In The Digital Age

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What will a Static FBML Fan Page do for you?

  • Viral Marketing
  • Increased Fan Base
  • Professional Look
  • Generate Revenue
  • and more…
Top Secret Facebook Fan Page Info

All of this information is available for free BUT I have compiled it and will explain it so anyone can do it!
Step 1 – Create a Facebook Fan Page
Select a category and name for your page and click the Create Page button. Once your page is created click Become a Fan.

Step 2 – Add Static FBML to your Fan Page
You will need to click “Allow” for the application if this is your first
time using it.
Under the image on the top left Static FBML App you will see a link called “Add to
my page”, click it.
A window will pop up and locate the name of your fan page. The list is in alphabetical
order. Once you find your Fan Page name click the Add to Page button.
Step 3 – Go Back to your Fan Page and Edit FBML
Not sure where to locate your Fan Page? Go to your Facebook profile and click the Info tab. Towards the bottom you will see an area called Pages and a link to the right that says See All. Click See All and select your Fan Page. IF you did not become a fan in step 1 search at the top of Facebook for your Fan Page name.

Now on your Fan Page click Edit Settings link at the top left under your image. Scroll down and look for FBML – FBML, click Edit.

For Box Title: enter the name for the tab. It can be anything to describe the content of the page such as Welcome, Specials, etc.

For the box labeled FBML: you can enter any HTML. Omit any <body><head><html> opening and closing tags.

Enter the below code to test:

<img src=””>

After entering the code click at the Save Changes bottom.

Step 4 – Adding your new Tab

Click the name of your Fan Page at the top left of the page you are on.

On the row of tabs click the + sign at the far right.


A list will appear and click the option called FBML, or what you called the FBML page as Box Title. It also will have the Static FBML icon to the left of it. Static FBML Icon

Once clicked a new tab will be added and you should see the “123 Test” image.

Again, you can add any HTML to this tab to make it as eye catching as possible. To edit the tab click the Wall tab, Edit Page link, locate the Static FBML icon under Applications and click Edit.

Step 5 – Make your new Static FBML tab the default landing page

While on the Edit Page screen from the previous step click Application Settings for the Static FBML application. Click Remove to the right of Boxes so it looks like below:

FBML Settings

Next scroll up to Wall Settings and click Edit. For the option Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else: select the name of your Static FMBL tab from the list.

img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Wall Permissions” width=”526″ height=”290″ />
Note: When testing being admin you will also be directed to the Info or Wall tab. Use a different account that is not admin of the Fan Page to test.

Step 6 – Hide Content to anyone who is not a Fan Become a Fan

Want to offer a special coupon/discount code to your Fans? You can make any part of your page hidden to non-Fans.

Update April 22, 2010

Facebook has replaced the “Become a Fan” button with a “Like” button in hopes that the new button is less aggressive and results in more “followers”. The code below is still valid and works. Only the appearance and name of the button changed. New Facebook Like Button

See this feature in action on my Static FBML Fan Page here.

Go to your Wall tab, Edit Page link, locate the Static FBML icon under Applications and click Edit.Edit FBML

To the beginning of your page add:

<fb:fbml version=”1.1″>To the end of your page add:


If you still have the test image it will look like:

<fb:fbml version=”1.1″>

<img src=””>


Your “hide to non-Fans” code is:



Anything between the tags will be hidden.

Try the below code:

<fb:fbml version=”1.1″>

<img src=””>


Thank you for becoming a fan!



Save Changes and go to your tab. Note: As admin ALL HTML will be visible to you even if you are not a fan. Use a second account to test.

Facebook’s TOS disallows the practice of any Fan Page from requiring a visitor to Invite Friends to view content.

You can still add an invite friends box as shown below using the code (replacing my Fan Page URL with yours):

<div style=”padding: 10px;”>

<fb:request-form method=”post” type=”PAGE NAME” invite=”true”
content=”Join MPORGsoft Fan Page”>

<fb:req-choice url=’′ ‘ label=’GO’ />

<fb:multi-friend-selector actiontext=”Join MPORGsoft Fan Page” rows=”3″ showborder=”true” condensed=”false” style=”width: 400px;” />



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