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Facebook announced in their roadmap huge changes affecting many applications and all scripts sold by MPORGsoft.

Resizing Page tabs Aug 23, 2010 Moving to 520 pixel width for tabs on Pages and Profiles
Removing boxes Aug 23, 2010 Removing all boxes from Pages and Profiles, including the “Boxes” tab
Removing user profile tabs Q4 2010 Removing application tabs from user profiles (not Pages)
Support for IFrames in Page tabs Q4 2010 New method for using IFrames in Page tabs
No new FBML applications End of 2010 We will stop allowing new FBML applications, but will continue to support existing FBML tabs and applications. Instead, we recommend using IFrames.
OAuth 2.0 required for new applications End of 2010 We will remove the ability for new applications to use our old authentication mechanism, but will continue to support existing applications using our old method.

By 2011 no new FBML applications will be able to be created. This is a major change for MPORGsoft as all of our scripts require FBML. We will be converting most of our scripts to iFrame in the coming months. The scripts that we will not be converting will be our lower priced GiftApp script, Sudoku, RPG script, and the Chat script addon. All versions of the GiftGen script, Quiz app, RewardsPlus will be converted to iFrame so that sales can continue in 2011. All existing customers will have the option to receive the iFrame version for free or continue using the script as FBML. Existing customers of the scripts that we will not be converting will still be able to use their applications as Facebook will still support the FBML platform.

New scripts, that hopefully will be more popular, will replace the discontinued scripts.

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First, what is page rank? Page rank is a link analysis algorithm used by Google to assign a value of 0-10. There are a lot of mysteries behind what goes into and how the algorithm weights certain factors, but it basically revolves around links back to your website. The higher the page rank of the site that links to you the more value that links receives as benefits your PR. Simply, page rank is the perceived quality of your website, the more back links you have and back links from higher PR sites the better.

Page rank should not be confused with SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. SERP is your page ranking for a set of searched keywords. While PR does play a factor is your SERP, it also takes into account site title and meta tags. SERP can be looked at as actual relevance to a search term, compared to PR that is perceived value or popularity.

How do you determine what page rank is? Google is constantly crawling and factoring page rank constantly. It is computed to the hundredth decimal place. The value made available to the public is the rounded up/down integer of this number and there is not a set schedule when Google updates the publicly available number. A Google search for page rank checker will turn up plenty of results. I tend to use a handful to check accuracy and make sure no variations. I recommend: What’s My PageRank, it is not full of ads and quick to use.

You now have a PR assigned to the website you looked up. However, it may not be valid! How can it not be valid? The page rank of a website can be manipulated by a flaw in the system. If a website is redirected to a website of higher page rank the website will inherit the PR of the website it directs to. One-way to check the validity is to do a search for the website in question. If the results turn up a completely different domain the page rank is not valid. Of course, there are also tools available to check for validity: Check PageRank.

If you are anxious to know what your page rank will be once Google updates the publicly used numbers you can estimate the new value using a keyword prediction tool that analyzes current back links and traffic: PageRank Prediction

Google’s PageRank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings
Google's PageRank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings

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Godaddy is having a “Spring Fling” sale selling 1 year .com domain registration for only $6.89

No coupon code needed. The discount will automatically be calculated in your shopping cart after clicking the Godaddy banner below.

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MPORGsoft has been going through some changes over the past couple weeks. What once were ideas are now becoming a reality.

I am proud to show off our new “Software Box” graphic. To get the overall best graphic a contest was held and graphic designers submitted their entries for a chance at winning the cash prize. The winning graphic is being displayed on MPORGsoft and is:

MPORGsoft Software Box

MPORGsoft always had an affiliate program for the web hosting product, but the program has been expanded to include all products. Commission is 30%! No gimmick where you must reach $300 or some crazy figure before being paid. The minimum payment amount is $20 and can be paid by PayPal or check. Selling just one of the Facebook RPG scripts at $75 will net the affiliate $22 instantly qualifying them for payment. Besides earning commission on sales you refer, you now have the opportunity to recruit other affiliates and earn 5% from every sale they make as well. Signup for the affiliate program at:

Finally, we know that money is still tight and while many want to use our Facebook scripts to earn money people are lacking in the funds to make the investment. A new option has been created to make the Facebook products even cheaper. No domain or web hosting required! You can now rent or lease our software.

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