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1. An affiliate program is an automated advertising campaign.

Affiliate tracking software is the perfect marketing tool because you literally implement an automated advertising campaign that will promote your product or service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, it’s all done automatically!

Affiliate registrations and sales reports are processed automatically. Visitors and sales are tracked automatically. All you have to do is recruit new affiliates, train them, and pay them at the end of the month. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

This is the absolute best part of having an affiliate program. Your marketing force promotes your site for free and you don’t pay them a dime until they generate a sale for you. It’s like having hundreds of sales reps working on straight commission except you don’t have to go through the hiring process.

You can use affiliate tracking software to get hundreds, even thousands of people to promote your product or service for free and increase your sales exponentially. There is absolutely no better way to promote your product or service online.

There’s another unnoticed benefit of starting an affiliate program. Even if visitors don’t purchase your product, there’s a good chance that they will subscribe to your e-zine or bookmark your site. You only pay your affiliates when you make money. Until then, you are getting loads of traffic absolutely free! That’s what’s so great about an affiliate program.

Let your affiliates test the waters for you. You write ads, they place them in various places on the Internet, and you measure the results. If your ads don’t work, you lose nothing, and you can improve and test them for free until they do work. You can test various banner ads and sales copy without fear of losing advertising dollars. You only pay commission to your affiliates if they sell your product.

Viral marketing is power. Remember the old Pert commercial? And they told two friends… If you start a two-tier program, your affiliates earn money on affiliates who sign up under them. This encourages your “automatic sales reps” to recruit more affiliates. Thus, creating a viral marketing strategy with unlimited growth potential!

Link popularity plays a huge role in the ranking of your site on the major search engines.

The more sites that point to your domain, the higher your position will be. And, there is no better way to get hundreds of sites to link to yours than by starting your own affiliate program.

This may all sound too good to be true, but is really is. You just can’t lose with an affiliate program because it results in free exposure for your business. Unlike one-time advertising campaigns, an affiliate program keeps working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, it has limitless growth potential.

You simply can not lose with an affiliate program because you invest nothing up front except the cost of the software (which, by the way, is ridiculously low). You don’t have to pay for advertising unless you make money first!

June Yeap

YOURsoft affiliate tracking software will help you start your own affiliate program the easiest way possible for the lowest prices imaginable! Affiliate programs are the most efficient way of promoting your website because you only pay for results! A small initial investment in affiliate tracking software will help you make your web sites more profitable.

YOURcom is commission based affiliate program software written in Perl (CGI), that will help you start your own commission based affiliate program. Credit your affiliates with a commission for every customer they send your way. YOURcom is a great marketing tool.

YOURad is a click-thru affiliate program software, written in Perl (CGI). The basic idea behind click-thru affiliate programs is that your affiliates (webmasters who join your affiliate program) place your ads on their website and they receive a small commission for every unique visitor they send your (if you prefer to paying affiliates for every sale they generate please have a look at YOURcom and YOURaff software). When affiliates reach the pre-determined amount needed for a payout (“treshold”), you pay them.

It is not only money you can offer your affiliates, be innovative! For instance, one of our customers owns a banner exchange and he offers 10 banner impressions for every unique visitor, another has a web-hosting company and he gives 50Kb more web space to his affiliates per visitor. Think of what you can offer people in exchange for promotion!

All in all, YOURad is a great marketing tool and will help you attract much more traffic to your site!

Get the power of both YOURcom and YOURaff in one package with YOURaff which combines them both.

Visit YOURsoft Affiliate Software for more information and pricing.

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Twitter has opened doors of prosperity for many businessmen in the world today. Getting business on Twitter can be easy work if you know how to use the various Twitter tools. If you are wondering how to get followers, how to find followers and how to turn these followers into potential clients, you will be happy to know that all this is easy if you know the right tools to use.

To know the correct tools and applications for you, you need to have a clear idea of what your goals are. You should also know how to classify the different Twitter tools. Let’s try and answer these questions.

You need to have specific goals narrowed down to the vision of your business/company. You should base your goals on your budget, your time line and how much time you intend to invest on Twitter.

You may need to hire a SEO copywriter to write a page that converts. You may also want to increase sales by a certain percentage over the next one year? Or quarter? Do you intend to keep your Twitter marketing in-house or do you plan to outsource the services?

Getting the answer to these questions will help you pick the appropriate Twitter tools for your goals and plan your overall marketing strategies.

Twitter tools can be grouped into three broad categories.

- Those that teach you how to use twitter. These are the most basic of all and are very useful to people who are new on Twitter. They include Twitter video courses, e-books and membership forums. Consider investing in one or all these to get important information about how Twitter works.

- Twitter Tools that brand your Business. These are the most advanced of all twitter tools. They teach you how to dissect your audience and understand their psycho and demographics. This is important knowledge which you can capitalize on. It works very effectively for small and medium-sized businesses.

- Twitter Tools that teach you how you can end up with more Twitter Followers. Getting followers is very important in twitter. These tools come in handy for people who have been in twitter long enough to know the workings of the site but want to get more followers on their list. You can purchase a program that will guide you on how to grow your following.

N.B: You should only invest in these tools after you have learned how the site works and are comfortable. Otherwise you could end up frustrated.

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Twitter started in the year 2006 and it is one of the most popular social networking sites.  Its tweets have already reached 5 billion in the second quarter of 2010.  Twitter has more than 100 million members and is still continuing to growing amazingly fast.  Would you believe that hundreds of thousands of new users are joining daily?

According to Bing and Google, two of the leading Internet browsers, Twitter remains to be on top of their list when it comes to fresh information, innovations, products and services.  These major search engines can see how Twitter is remarkably causing an enormous trend and appeal to people from all across the globe.  

Many people prefer Twitter over other social networking sites because of its great speed.  For instance, you have posted a tweet and this will surely be viewed by your followers in just a matter of seconds.  Twitter was able to attract millions of people from different age groups and professions and most of them are aged 35 to 44 years old and have very stable and competitive jobs.  They actually belong to the ¼ of the total users.  12% of this age group usually consists of young professionals and high-profile individuals who are earning more than $250,000.   

If you have a great number of followers, the bigger your chances are of being heard.  Over 50 million tweets are posted everyday and more or less 600 million are using their search engine daily.  Millions also make use of their mobile phones just to tweet.  This is how big Twitter is and this is undoubtedly a perfect venue for any type of business. 

What Twitter Requires from You

1.     You have to be trustworthy

If you want your online business boom, you need to be able to create a foundation of trust.  You have to mean everything you say in your articles, blogs and tweets. 

2.     You must participate

You must actively participate and increase your visibility in order for you to attract more followers.  The success of your business will depend so much on the number of the followers you have.

3.     You must learn to engage yourself

Socialize with your followers.  Try to communicate with them regularly, a simple greeting will do. 

4.     Make time

For you to be able to get positive results for your business, you need to invest enough time for it.  By doing so, you will clearly see the direction of your business.

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Did you know that Twitter can help you earn money? Maybe some of you are wondering how. Actually, many people are already taking advantage of its benefits. Many individuals see Twitter merely as a social networking site where they can express their thoughts, opinions and feelings, but there’s a whole lot more about it that you should know. This can serve as a venue to reach to your market.
In Twitter, you can post pictures of the product you’re offering, which is considered a free advertisement. This is what this social networking can do for you. If you are not yet that familiar with Twitter, it is recommended that you have a glimpse of its features by signing up.
Before you can earn money out of your Twitter account, you must first establish as many followers as you can. Let me explain this to you through a concrete example. Let’s say you are in the business of electronics, specifically gadgets like mobile phones or iPods. The first step that you should do is to look for people who have interest in such things and who are also member of Twitter, then become their follower. If ever they find your product interesting, they will, likewise, become your followers. However, do not expect that all you have followed will follow you back. If you’ve established 3,000 followers on your first run, you must be able to double or triple it on the third month. Your followers must tremendously increase so you can widen your market and increase your number of customers. You’ll be amazed how your product will find its way to the awareness of your followers. Out of the number of your followers, to be able to saturate even a small percentage can already be very profitable. For instance, you have a total of 8,000 and having attracted 200 regular customers is already a big catch for you business. Some of you might belittle the 200 customers, but if you try to think of it, where can you possibly get that number if you are not in Twitter?
Being able to build a huge number of customers and promoting you product is not enough to make you earn an income in Twitter. You also have to think of ways in which your followers will have a reason to visit you again and again. One way is to write an article or blog and make it interesting and conversational as possible. Every time you have written an article or blog, you might also want to place it as tweets. This is better than merely promoting your product because there’ll be a continuity or constant link between you and your followers.

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Some people think the affiliate marketing is the easiest job in the world, but it’s not. Maybe a few people have lady luck by their side and they get the traffic and business deals that they’ve ever wanted. Traffic is the key to affiliate marketing and maybe you know this if you have allocated some time in doing research about this online job. But, of course, traffic is not the only factor that can help you succeed in this kind of online business. There are many things that you ought to do to gain bigger income and be successful. This article will show you five of them.

1. Determine your target market

This is the most important thing to consider when you are on an online business. Your target customers are the ones who will bring you income. That’s why you should have a website that is greatly connected to your product and to your target market where you’ll be posting affiliate ads that are also connected to both. For instance, if the product you’re offering is cosmetics, your website should be about fashion.

2. Explain your products as explicitly as possible

Posting advertisements on your website or blog is not enough. You have to make sure that your ads have great, interesting and clear contents or links. If visitors will find your ad postings comprehensible and worth clicking, you will most likely attract a number of your target customers and, of course, profit. It is advisable that you have another page that will thoroughly explain your product.

3. Have the right products on your website or blog

Many people, especially those that are new in the business, do not screen the affiliate ads that they post on their sites or blogs. They think that the more the ads posted, the more the profit they’ll gain. Well, it’s not always the case. There are more web users who are after interesting information. Make sure that you maintain a site or a blog that has substance like good articles that are related to your products.

4. Try other affiliate programs

You can have more than one affiliate programs in order for you to generate sales and maximize your profit especially if you are not that lucky with the current program you’re registered in. Why not try, or Once you have found luck in one of the many affiliate programs, take care of it and develop it. It’s not healthy to hop from one program to another because you will never gain loyal customers.

5. Patience is a virtue in affiliate marketing

Nobody succeeds in affiliate marketing overnight. It takes time to establish any kind of business, whether online or not. You have to set up a foundation for your business like regular customers.

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