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Facebook was launched quite some back and in the few years of its operations, it has become quite popular. Millions of users access worldwide and thus it has great potential of use as an online advertisement portal. There are many ways by which different advertisers can reach out to potential customers. Facebook marketing can begin from as small as few dollars to thousands of dollar advertisements. Below are presented some tools provided which can be used effectively for Facebook marketing.

1. With the help of Social Ads, advertisers can pay per click on the advertisements. The advertisement can be directed to the desired group based on age, place, gender, views about different events etc. For example, such a user who is a part of a group of any food item can be shown advertisement of a restaurant, a fast food joint or a coffee house.
2. Facebook offers exciting advertisement opportunity for those organizations willing to spend a big amount in advertising. This is in partnership with Microsoft and it would assign a sales representative to work closely with such companies.
3. Many advertisers use polls for conducting researches about their products and services. This can help the advertisers to gauge the mood of the audience and collect important feedback for their product. This can be used effectively to change strategies by the advertiser and reap maximum benefits.
4. The organizations can create sponsored groups which can be used to connect with the customers directly. However, this application is quite expenses and the response to it hasn’t been much promising due to the high costs involved. If Facebook can lower the prices to acceptable levels, then it would certainly help the potential advertisers to place their advertisements.
5. One can use the application Facebook events for promotion of various products, parties and other such events. An event has its page which has a discussion forum and you can share images, videos and other such stuff. These can be popularized very easily by promoting them with your friends.
6. Facebook marketplace is the place where classifieds can be listed. Various advertisements can be placed here without making any payment. In case you wish to post your advertisements in various networks, you might need to pay some amount. However, this application has not become too popular with Facebook users. Further, you might risk getting your account closed if you start spamming up the application.
7. Facebook messages: This is another application like marketplace which hasn’t found many takers. Using this application, Facebook users can send promotional messages to other users whom they might not know. This too, like Marketplace comes along with a risk that if you spam people, Facebook would close down your account.

Facebook has grown so much popular that Facebook marketing has become an important method of marketing. Further, its popularity is mainly due to the wide range of applications that it provides with which users can create exciting content. However, the field is still developing and we would surely see a lot of improvements and new applications in future.

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There are many exciting ways in which Facebook can be used for maximum advantage. One can set up such pages which may or may not have the option of discussion forums.

Below are presented some different approaches towards Facebook marketing.

  1. Providing information is the sole purpose of the creation of pages for some companies. They do not kuse the option of discussion forums. Hence, the users cannot post their comments or feedback regarding the services of the company. The users can become fans; view the updates regarding the product or view information regarding it. This is mostly useful for making announcements, launching new products etc. Thus, it can be used as an online brochure providing you with necessary information like details on the product or contact information. However, you cannot post your feedback here and thus cannot get your queries answered in this kind of approach.                     
  2. Many companies keep the option of having discussion forums which have some quite effective uses. Here users can put up queries which are answered either by a representative from the company or some fellow user. This type of approach has a number of advantages. This helps in resolving the problems or questions of the customers pretty fast. Further, it would lead to building of a rapport with the customer who gets his/her query answered in time. Moreover, the prospective customers can too discuss any thing with the companies and can even buy the product or services from it. Thus, these companies provide a customer support by means of the questions and answers that are exchanged between the company and its fans on Facebook.                  
  3. Another approach for getting close to the customers is by socializing with them. A fan page is one of the best ways in doing that. With the use of such pages, companies can promote their products and services, make announcements and organize contests etc. There can be photographs of the product, links to videos and the option of signing for the newsletter of the company.                                            
  4. The companies can put in some new ideas or approaches on their own. One such way is to use flash applications. Using these, one can build up exciting content to get the users amused and at the same time advertise your product. Nokia has used this approach for extracting great benefits. Here, users can interact with ‘heroes’ of Nokia send them messages and access exciting applications.                                                    
  5. Various Facebook applications have been used for great benefits. Farmville is a classic example of that. This is an extremely popular online social game which is being played by millions of users worldwide. The users have to create virtual farms, grow virtual trees and use various virtual items. These items are generally real world items and thus effective advertisement is done using them. Many users would certainly search for them and use them in their lives.

With such numerous approaches, there is still a lot of room left for innovation. Facebook would continue to release such applications which would make its use more and more exciting.

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Facebook announced in their roadmap huge changes affecting many applications and all scripts sold by MPORGsoft.

Resizing Page tabs Aug 23, 2010 Moving to 520 pixel width for tabs on Pages and Profiles
Removing boxes Aug 23, 2010 Removing all boxes from Pages and Profiles, including the “Boxes” tab
Removing user profile tabs Q4 2010 Removing application tabs from user profiles (not Pages)
Support for IFrames in Page tabs Q4 2010 New method for using IFrames in Page tabs
No new FBML applications End of 2010 We will stop allowing new FBML applications, but will continue to support existing FBML tabs and applications. Instead, we recommend using IFrames.
OAuth 2.0 required for new applications End of 2010 We will remove the ability for new applications to use our old authentication mechanism, but will continue to support existing applications using our old method.

By 2011 no new FBML applications will be able to be created. This is a major change for MPORGsoft as all of our scripts require FBML. We will be converting most of our scripts to iFrame in the coming months. The scripts that we will not be converting will be our lower priced GiftApp script, Sudoku, RPG script, and the Chat script addon. All versions of the GiftGen script, Quiz app, RewardsPlus will be converted to iFrame so that sales can continue in 2011. All existing customers will have the option to receive the iFrame version for free or continue using the script as FBML. Existing customers of the scripts that we will not be converting will still be able to use their applications as Facebook will still support the FBML platform.

New scripts, that hopefully will be more popular, will replace the discontinued scripts.

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As of August 23rd Facebook has reduced the size of tabs to 520 pixels. The original size was 760 px. With the new reduced tab width many are finding that their multi-friend selector box is now too wide for the new size.

Maybe Facebook will adjust it, likely they wont. The milti-friend selector code currently defaults to 5 columns wide which is 740 px.

To make the friend selection box fit your tab page you will need to specify the cols attribute.

The value must be one of: 2 (which sets the box to 368px wide) or 3 (which sets it to 466px wide).

You may have code similar to:

<fb:multi-friend-selector actiontext=”Join MPORGsoft Fan Page” rows=”3″ showborder=”true” condensed=”false” style=”width: 400px;” />

Adding cols=”3″ or cols=”2″ will make the box fit the new width.

<fb:multi-friend-selector actiontext=”Join MPORGsoft Fan Page” rows=”3″ cols=”3″ showborder=”true” condensed=”false” style=”width: 400px;” />

You can also adjust the amount of rows shown. If no rows attribute is specified the default value is 5 and the value must be between 3 and 10.

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A week ago Facebook decided to mess with the fb:multi-friend-request function for Fan Page tabs. Upon selecting friends a new window was added requesting that you import your non-Facebook contacts to Facebook. When skip was clicked users were redirected to:

No one at Facebook has responded to this problem. Facebook BugZilla link:

For everyone experiencing the problem I have created a temporary solution.

Your friend selection code will look similar to:
content=”MPORGsoft Facebook Applications<fb:req-choice url=’’ label=’GO’ /> “>

Where the # symbol for action means the tab page will refresh upon inviting friends.

I have replaced the # symbol with the actual tab url and the error still occured. Next, I tried using the wall page url and any other non-Facebook url and the error stopped and the user was redirected to the designated action url.

The problem exists in redirecting to a Fan Page tab. Even other non-related tabs will result in the error.

The temporary solution is to create a short url for your tab url. You can use any short url service and I also have my own at:

Go to your Facebook fan page and click on the tab to get the URL. Generate the short url and add new url to the action=”" field.

Images of the error:

Facebook Fan Page Error

Facebook Fan Page Error

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