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Facebook announced in their roadmap huge changes affecting many applications and all scripts sold by MPORGsoft.

Resizing Page tabs Aug 23, 2010 Moving to 520 pixel width for tabs on Pages and Profiles
Removing boxes Aug 23, 2010 Removing all boxes from Pages and Profiles, including the “Boxes” tab
Removing user profile tabs Q4 2010 Removing application tabs from user profiles (not Pages)
Support for IFrames in Page tabs Q4 2010 New method for using IFrames in Page tabs
No new FBML applications End of 2010 We will stop allowing new FBML applications, but will continue to support existing FBML tabs and applications. Instead, we recommend using IFrames.
OAuth 2.0 required for new applications End of 2010 We will remove the ability for new applications to use our old authentication mechanism, but will continue to support existing applications using our old method.

By 2011 no new FBML applications will be able to be created. This is a major change for MPORGsoft as all of our scripts require FBML. We will be converting most of our scripts to iFrame in the coming months. The scripts that we will not be converting will be our lower priced GiftApp script, Sudoku, RPG script, and the Chat script addon. All versions of the GiftGen script, Quiz app, RewardsPlus will be converted to iFrame so that sales can continue in 2011. All existing customers will have the option to receive the iFrame version for free or continue using the script as FBML. Existing customers of the scripts that we will not be converting will still be able to use their applications as Facebook will still support the FBML platform.

New scripts, that hopefully will be more popular, will replace the discontinued scripts.

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A week ago Facebook decided to mess with the fb:multi-friend-request function for Fan Page tabs. Upon selecting friends a new window was added requesting that you import your non-Facebook contacts to Facebook. When skip was clicked users were redirected to:

No one at Facebook has responded to this problem. Facebook BugZilla link:

For everyone experiencing the problem I have created a temporary solution.

Your friend selection code will look similar to:
content=”MPORGsoft Facebook Applications<fb:req-choice url=’’ label=’GO’ /> “>

Where the # symbol for action means the tab page will refresh upon inviting friends.

I have replaced the # symbol with the actual tab url and the error still occured. Next, I tried using the wall page url and any other non-Facebook url and the error stopped and the user was redirected to the designated action url.

The problem exists in redirecting to a Fan Page tab. Even other non-related tabs will result in the error.

The temporary solution is to create a short url for your tab url. You can use any short url service and I also have my own at:

Go to your Facebook fan page and click on the tab to get the URL. Generate the short url and add new url to the action=”" field.

Images of the error:

Facebook Fan Page Error

Facebook Fan Page Error

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Looking for an alternative to Google Adsense? With a low minimum $10 pay out monthyl by PayPal FreeKii is an excellent company worth trying out.

My ad revenue has increased by 20% on my Facebook applications testing FreeKii.

To effectively advertise online, companies must consider using more Pay Per Click (PPC) Text Link Ads and PPC campaigns when advertising online. When mixing internet marketing with Pay Per Click (PPC) Text Link Ads will result in more sales for a business. Customers will refer others to buy from you positively impacting internet marketing efforts. Pay Per Click (PPC) Text Link Ads are easy to create, and are among the most affordable advertising method. Compare banner ads which bury the call to action inside graphics can affect click through rate (CTR%) and take longer to increase traffic. Pay Per Click (PPC) Text Link Ads take less time to bring increase sales. Since time is money it would seem that Pay Per Click (PPC) Text Link Ads are the better option for improving click through rate, increase traffic and conversion rate.

The factors to consider for internet marketing will lead an Internet marketer to successfully advertising online. Flashy banners and loud colorful ads simply will not always increase website traffic. Web statistics show that it often takes hundreds of thousands of page views for a banner advertisement to increase sales. Pay Per Click (PPC) text link ads that are often very small and not as flashy will increase sales significantly.

When compared to traditional advertising it becomes obvious the objective of internet marketing. Internet Marketing is not what generates a sale or closes the sale. Internet Marketing in any business is to attract more customers. It is the responsibility of the business, be it bricks and mortar or online business to close more sales.

Does a web business need a flow of potential customers? Sure businesses have tighter budgets now, but should they increase potential customer flow or let it dwindle in times of recession? Simple answer, never let the customer flows dwindle.

Cutting advertising costs and marketing expenses is important when revenue drops, but cutting expenses will not guarantee revenues to increase. Only increasing customer flow or web site traffic can increase sales. Cost per click and Cost Per Action, even SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a wiser investment now more than ever as businesses begin to measure the quality of marketing efforts and the ROI on advertising campaigns.

Join FreeKii as a Publisher

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During the last week of May Google Webmaster Tools has started to display soft 404s under the crawl errors category.

What is a soft 404? First, a 404 error is a standard response code indicating that your Internet browser was able to communicate with the website, but the website’s server could not find the web page that was requested. This can occur if you type in the wrong page name or if the content itself was removed.

A soft 404 error occurs when a page is not found, but instead of returning a standard 404 error response code, the server sends a web page with a 200 OK response code. Soft 404s can also occur as a result of configuration errors.

Why are soft 404s bad? Because Google dislikes them!

We discourage the use of so-called “soft 404s” because they can be a confusing experience for users and search engines. Instead of returning a 404 response code for a non-existent URL, websites that serve “soft 404s” return a 200 response code. The content of the 200 response is often the homepage of the site, or an error page.

If Google dislikes soft 404 error pages you can guarantee that they are calculated into Google’s Page Rank algorithm. It does appear to be a coincidence that soon after making soft 404s available in Webmaster Tools that others started noting that they had a decrease in Page Rank when Google updated its public numbers on June 4th.

The solution to keep Google and your visitors happy is instead of returning a soft 404 it is much better to return a 404 response code and clearly explain to users that the file wasn’t found.

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