MPORGsoft has been going through some changes over the past couple weeks. What once were ideas are now becoming a reality.

I am proud to show off our new “Software Box” graphic. To get the overall best graphic a contest was held and graphic designers submitted their entries for a chance at winning the cash prize. The winning graphic is being displayed on MPORGsoft and is:

MPORGsoft Software Box

MPORGsoft always had an affiliate program for the web hosting product, but the program has been expanded to include all products. Commission is 30%! No gimmick where you must reach $300 or some crazy figure before being paid. The minimum payment amount is $20 and can be paid by PayPal or check. Selling just one of the Facebook RPG scripts at $75 will net the affiliate $22 instantly qualifying them for payment. Besides earning commission on sales you refer, you now have the opportunity to recruit other affiliates and earn 5% from every sale they make as well. Signup for the affiliate program at:

Finally, we know that money is still tight and while many want to use our Facebook scripts to earn money people are lacking in the funds to make the investment. A new option has been created to make the Facebook products even cheaper. No domain or web hosting required! You can now rent or lease our software.

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