Facebook is the biggest online networking website. Millions of users around the world have accounts with Facebook and many more join it day by day. This is because of the exciting applications which are provided by Facebook and the ease with which users can make friends, join groups, write comments on profiles of their friends etc. Further, the option of Facebook marketing with the help of applications such as events, groups etc.

 The huge fan following of Facebook has made it probably the biggest online advertising portal. There are loads of possibilities to advertise your product and services. However, due to the cut throat competition in today’s world, one needs to innovate to devise such a strategy to tap the big market offered by Facebook marketing. There are many ways with which you can help your business grow. Below are presented some of the ways in detail:

  1. With the pay per click advertising, advertisers can reach out to potential customers effectively, even though the charges of Facebook are quite high for such advertisement. They need to pay Facebook for every click which is made by a user on their advertisements. The advertisements can be grouped easily by Facebook depending on various parameters such as groups joined by a user or his/her location, age or gender.                                                                                                            
  2. There are various applications like groups, events etc which can be used very effectively to reach out to potential customers. You can create Pages where you post information about your business and can use the pages to promote your business. However, enough care must be taken to avoid spamming different users.

This would prompt Facebook to close your account.                                                                                                    

  1. You can integrate your blogs with Facebook. Using this, the users need not go to a different link which is external to Facebook. Thus, using your blog, you can effectively market your product or service. You must take enough care in being presentable to everyone who visits your blog by making your blog attractive. You can include interesting images, videos and other such content so that people come to you.                                                                                                                                    
  2. Further, applications such as polls can be used for getting various types of information about likes and dislikes of people. You can send messages to different people or use Facebook Classifieds for posting ads. However, you must not spam others. Otherwise, Facebook can close your account.                                                          
  3. One must not try to present lies to others. Further, you would need to create interesting content which would make users come to your profile. You should try becoming friends with others and then start marketing yourself. The users who don’t know you wouldn’t like you selling something to them.                           

 Though the field of online marketing is new, there are ample opportunities for everyone. Facebook is a great platform and provides a great opportunity. However, you must ensure that you use Facebook sensibly. Annoying someone to achieve your purpose wouldn’t help your purpose. If used properly, you can have access to the huge customer base of Facebook and you can advertise with it quite effectively.

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