Facebook was launched quite some back and in the few years of its operations, it has become quite popular. Millions of users access worldwide and thus it has great potential of use as an online advertisement portal. There are many ways by which different advertisers can reach out to potential customers. Facebook marketing can begin from as small as few dollars to thousands of dollar advertisements. Below are presented some tools provided which can be used effectively for Facebook marketing.

1. With the help of Social Ads, advertisers can pay per click on the advertisements. The advertisement can be directed to the desired group based on age, place, gender, views about different events etc. For example, such a user who is a part of a group of any food item can be shown advertisement of a restaurant, a fast food joint or a coffee house.
2. Facebook offers exciting advertisement opportunity for those organizations willing to spend a big amount in advertising. This is in partnership with Microsoft and it would assign a sales representative to work closely with such companies.
3. Many advertisers use polls for conducting researches about their products and services. This can help the advertisers to gauge the mood of the audience and collect important feedback for their product. This can be used effectively to change strategies by the advertiser and reap maximum benefits.
4. The organizations can create sponsored groups which can be used to connect with the customers directly. However, this application is quite expenses and the response to it hasn’t been much promising due to the high costs involved. If Facebook can lower the prices to acceptable levels, then it would certainly help the potential advertisers to place their advertisements.
5. One can use the application Facebook events for promotion of various products, parties and other such events. An event has its page which has a discussion forum and you can share images, videos and other such stuff. These can be popularized very easily by promoting them with your friends.
6. Facebook marketplace is the place where classifieds can be listed. Various advertisements can be placed here without making any payment. In case you wish to post your advertisements in various networks, you might need to pay some amount. However, this application has not become too popular with Facebook users. Further, you might risk getting your account closed if you start spamming up the application.
7. Facebook messages: This is another application like marketplace which hasn’t found many takers. Using this application, Facebook users can send promotional messages to other users whom they might not know. This too, like Marketplace comes along with a risk that if you spam people, Facebook would close down your account.

Facebook has grown so much popular that Facebook marketing has become an important method of marketing. Further, its popularity is mainly due to the wide range of applications that it provides with which users can create exciting content. However, the field is still developing and we would surely see a lot of improvements and new applications in future.

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