Twitter has opened doors of prosperity for many businessmen in the world today. Getting business on Twitter can be easy work if you know how to use the various Twitter tools. If you are wondering how to get followers, how to find followers and how to turn these followers into potential clients, you will be happy to know that all this is easy if you know the right tools to use.

To know the correct tools and applications for you, you need to have a clear idea of what your goals are. You should also know how to classify the different Twitter tools. Let’s try and answer these questions.

You need to have specific goals narrowed down to the vision of your business/company. You should base your goals on your budget, your time line and how much time you intend to invest on Twitter.

You may need to hire a SEO copywriter to write a page that converts. You may also want to increase sales by a certain percentage over the next one year? Or quarter? Do you intend to keep your Twitter marketing in-house or do you plan to outsource the services?

Getting the answer to these questions will help you pick the appropriate Twitter tools for your goals and plan your overall marketing strategies.

Twitter tools can be grouped into three broad categories.

- Those that teach you how to use twitter. These are the most basic of all and are very useful to people who are new on Twitter. They include Twitter video courses, e-books and membership forums. Consider investing in one or all these to get important information about how Twitter works.

- Twitter Tools that brand your Business. These are the most advanced of all twitter tools. They teach you how to dissect your audience and understand their psycho and demographics. This is important knowledge which you can capitalize on. It works very effectively for small and medium-sized businesses.

- Twitter Tools that teach you how you can end up with more Twitter Followers. Getting followers is very important in twitter. These tools come in handy for people who have been in twitter long enough to know the workings of the site but want to get more followers on their list. You can purchase a program that will guide you on how to grow your following.

N.B: You should only invest in these tools after you have learned how the site works and are comfortable. Otherwise you could end up frustrated.

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