Did you know that Twitter can help you earn money? Maybe some of you are wondering how. Actually, many people are already taking advantage of its benefits. Many individuals see Twitter merely as a social networking site where they can express their thoughts, opinions and feelings, but there’s a whole lot more about it that you should know. This can serve as a venue to reach to your market.
In Twitter, you can post pictures of the product you’re offering, which is considered a free advertisement. This is what this social networking can do for you. If you are not yet that familiar with Twitter, it is recommended that you have a glimpse of its features by signing up.
Before you can earn money out of your Twitter account, you must first establish as many followers as you can. Let me explain this to you through a concrete example. Let’s say you are in the business of electronics, specifically gadgets like mobile phones or iPods. The first step that you should do is to look for people who have interest in such things and who are also member of Twitter, then become their follower. If ever they find your product interesting, they will, likewise, become your followers. However, do not expect that all you have followed will follow you back. If you’ve established 3,000 followers on your first run, you must be able to double or triple it on the third month. Your followers must tremendously increase so you can widen your market and increase your number of customers. You’ll be amazed how your product will find its way to the awareness of your followers. Out of the number of your followers, to be able to saturate even a small percentage can already be very profitable. For instance, you have a total of 8,000 and having attracted 200 regular customers is already a big catch for you business. Some of you might belittle the 200 customers, but if you try to think of it, where can you possibly get that number if you are not in Twitter?
Being able to build a huge number of customers and promoting you product is not enough to make you earn an income in Twitter. You also have to think of ways in which your followers will have a reason to visit you again and again. One way is to write an article or blog and make it interesting and conversational as possible. Every time you have written an article or blog, you might also want to place it as tweets. This is better than merely promoting your product because there’ll be a continuity or constant link between you and your followers.

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