Facebook announced in their roadmap huge changes affecting many applications and all scripts sold by MPORGsoft.

Resizing Page tabs Aug 23, 2010 Moving to 520 pixel width for tabs on Pages and Profiles
Removing boxes Aug 23, 2010 Removing all boxes from Pages and Profiles, including the “Boxes” tab
Removing user profile tabs Q4 2010 Removing application tabs from user profiles (not Pages)
Support for IFrames in Page tabs Q4 2010 New method for using IFrames in Page tabs
No new FBML applications End of 2010 We will stop allowing new FBML applications, but will continue to support existing FBML tabs and applications. Instead, we recommend using IFrames.
OAuth 2.0 required for new applications End of 2010 We will remove the ability for new applications to use our old authentication mechanism, but will continue to support existing applications using our old method.


By 2011 no new FBML applications will be able to be created. This is a major change for MPORGsoft as all of our scripts require FBML. We will be converting most of our scripts to iFrame in the coming months. The scripts that we will not be converting will be our lower priced GiftApp script, Sudoku, RPG script, and the Chat script addon. All versions of the GiftGen script, Quiz app, RewardsPlus will be converted to iFrame so that sales can continue in 2011. All existing customers will have the option to receive the iFrame version for free or continue using the script as FBML. Existing customers of the scripts that we will not be converting will still be able to use their applications as Facebook will still support the FBML platform.

New scripts, that hopefully will be more popular, will replace the discontinued scripts.

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