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Create your own Facebook Gift Application

Facebook Gift Generator 1.0 by © Phillip Rock 2010

You can easily create and manage your gift applications using the Gift Generator 1.0 script. The Gift Generator is a tool that will create your gift application. The two different Personal licenses we offer allow you to create just one application or unlimited applications for yourself. While, the Commercial license allows yourself and everyone else to access the Generator and also create gift applications.

FEATURES Personal Limited Personal Unlimited Commercial
Locked Gifts Feature
Integrate with GWallet
Integrate with OfferPal
Integrate with SuperRewards
Set Amount of Coins Users Earn
Stream Publish
Allow Users to Create Gift Apps
Amount of Gift Apps That Can be Created 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Free Install/Support
Free Updates
Price $50 $99.95 $199.95

The Personal versions will work the same as the Commercial version with the exception of some links and text removed from the Personal versions.

See below for demos of the Commerical Gift Generator:

Please also visit our tutorial on how to use the Gift Generator:

Demos of Gift Applications Created with Gift Generator:

- Users receive coins daily when they access your application.
- Users earn coins when accepting gifts.
- You can have gifts be ‘locked’, and to unlock certain gifts a user must send XX amount of gifts.
- Easy to add gifts, categories, and customizable banner for your application.
- Ability to earn extra money with CPA Providers (GWallet, SuperRewards, OfferPal) and CPC banner advertisements.

The additional benefits of the Commerical license include:
- Anyone can access the Gift Generator tool to create a gift application.
- You can select to have your banner ads on everyones applications or allow them to place their own.
- You earn from users of the gift applications doing offers on all applications.


Gift Generator

Gift Generator

Gift Generator

Script Requirements (for hosting):
Regular Shared Hosting
Mysql Database

- You will get the full script (source code) with nothing encrypted and complete setup guide / install instructions.
- Free installation available upon request.
- Contact sales@mporgsoft.com for support or request install.

To order please visit MPORGsoft Gift Generator Script

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