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Optimize your online business with secrets on Internet Marketing and using Facebook as a tool.

A small business can also benefit from internet marketing. It can help it get many customers and increase benefits. This helps it to compete with big businesses. You will find that online marketing is different from any other ways of advertising your business. It offers you stronger chances of exposing your products or services to the world. You need effective management for you to use the tools available on the internet. This can take your small business to unbelievable height.

The most common way to advertise your business is designing an optimized web site. Today, most people are using search engine optimization to market their products or services. You need to make sure that the keywords are placed properly in the articles you put on your site to optimize it. The development of the keyword is important because it helps in site optimization. You must place the keyword correctly. Your linking must be done correctly. Also, make sure that you register with the search engines. This is very important if you want to succeed in online marketing.

When doing internet marketing, you must consider your potential consumers. When selecting the keywords, try to use ones that they are likely to use. Make sure you use search engines which are popular too. This makes it easy for them to find your products. The search engine contributes a lot in the success of your marketing.

 Small businesses are lucky and easy to market online. You can seek audience in the social networks. There are many social networks out there which include blogs and forums. Some of them are more popular than others and you can choose which to use depending on the kind of audience you want to reach. You can use the keywords to reach your potential consumers. Use of blogs with links to your pages can also be good for your online marketing. Social networks like facebook allow people to discuss social things in life. You can give the chance to discuss your products or services which in turn brings good sales.

 If you are still wondering if you should start internet marketing or not, you are wasting your time. This is the best way to boost your sales. Online marketing for a small business can be effective and brings you positive results. Make sure you follow the right steps and basics for online marketing. You need to know how to use keywords and linkages. In these two lie the strength of internet marketing. This gives you a chance to generate high traffic which is good for your business.

All these have simplified the online marketing strategies and you are left to enjoy the benefits of gaining more sales. Every business requires a big consumer’s base to survive without problems despite the conditions of the economy. You will find online marketing easy to manage and also affordable. Venture into the marketing strategy and you will see changes in your small business. Do not shun from this marketing method thinking that it is only good for big businesses.

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Facebook is the biggest online networking website. Millions of users around the world have accounts with Facebook and many more join it day by day. This is because of the exciting applications which are provided by Facebook and the ease with which users can make friends, join groups, write comments on profiles of their friends etc. Further, the option of Facebook marketing with the help of applications such as events, groups etc.

 The huge fan following of Facebook has made it probably the biggest online advertising portal. There are loads of possibilities to advertise your product and services. However, due to the cut throat competition in today’s world, one needs to innovate to devise such a strategy to tap the big market offered by Facebook marketing. There are many ways with which you can help your business grow. Below are presented some of the ways in detail:

  1. With the pay per click advertising, advertisers can reach out to potential customers effectively, even though the charges of Facebook are quite high for such advertisement. They need to pay Facebook for every click which is made by a user on their advertisements. The advertisements can be grouped easily by Facebook depending on various parameters such as groups joined by a user or his/her location, age or gender.                                                                                                            
  2. There are various applications like groups, events etc which can be used very effectively to reach out to potential customers. You can create Pages where you post information about your business and can use the pages to promote your business. However, enough care must be taken to avoid spamming different users.

This would prompt Facebook to close your account.                                                                                                    

  1. You can integrate your blogs with Facebook. Using this, the users need not go to a different link which is external to Facebook. Thus, using your blog, you can effectively market your product or service. You must take enough care in being presentable to everyone who visits your blog by making your blog attractive. You can include interesting images, videos and other such content so that people come to you.                                                                                                                                    
  2. Further, applications such as polls can be used for getting various types of information about likes and dislikes of people. You can send messages to different people or use Facebook Classifieds for posting ads. However, you must not spam others. Otherwise, Facebook can close your account.                                                          
  3. One must not try to present lies to others. Further, you would need to create interesting content which would make users come to your profile. You should try becoming friends with others and then start marketing yourself. The users who don’t know you wouldn’t like you selling something to them.                           

 Though the field of online marketing is new, there are ample opportunities for everyone. Facebook is a great platform and provides a great opportunity. However, you must ensure that you use Facebook sensibly. Annoying someone to achieve your purpose wouldn’t help your purpose. If used properly, you can have access to the huge customer base of Facebook and you can advertise with it quite effectively.

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 Doing internet marketing

You may be afraid of trying the internet marketing; but once you start, you will stick with it forever. You need to learn and become part of internet marketing for you to understand how it works. Writing good articles or designing a good website will not be the only tools to help you succeed in this field. There are some basics that you must learn to help you succeed in online marketing. It helps you gain exposure world wide. Make sure you know how to go about it. If you are not sure, ask an expert to help you out. Doing online marketing blindly can lead to wastage of money with no positive results.

Here are some steps that you can follow to achieve a lot if you are new in internet marketing:

  • You need to keep building links. You can not make internet work in your own ways. You must accept that this new world where you must learn everything and understand how it works. Just writing good articles will not bring readers. The ranking of the search engines controls the articles which can be seen fast by readers. Make sure you get many and high quality links. You can exchange links with other pages with high ranks. You will experience problems when doing this because most of the successful web owners are choosy when it comes to link exchange. Most of them will shun from new sites and you must include quality contents. Most of them will read the articles in your blog. Make sure there is an article related to their blog and you will be easily accepted.
  • You must look out for follow tags. Most people know that leaving a comment will increase their traffic but this is a mistake that most people make. This happens to people who are in the internet marketing for the first time who do not know what to look for. You must check if the website has this option to make sure that you get links to assist you in marketing.
  • Make sure that you write content that is valuable. There are many blogs and websites and means you must be creative to compete with them. You can use moderate humor and also show your personality in writing to attract the attention of readers. This can also make them come back for more which will be good for your internet marketing. Give your articles to blogs which host contests or directories to expose your work.
  • You must be focused to get a certain target. To do this, you need a niche to base your writing on. This helps you attract certain group of people who will be looking for your new articles.

You need to be patient with internet marketing. It may take some time before you can see any good results. You need to change comments in your blogs regularly. This calls for commitment.

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Create your own Facebook Quiz Application

Version QuizGen1.0 (IFrame)
The Quiz Gen script for Facebook allows users to both take quizzes and create their own quizzes.


- In IFrame to be fully compatible with Facebook’s 2011 roadmap plans.
- Users can visit the application and view quizzes to take or create their own!
- Easy to create and manage quizzes.
- Configurable header and footer advertisements.
- Optimized for maximum CPM (cost per thousand) or CPC (cost per click) performance.
- Users can publish their quiz results to their profile.
- Users can invite friends and see what quizzes they have completed!
- Free installation available!


Self Advertises:
- Users can publish their quiz results to their profile.

Make money from your application!

Banner ads can easily be placed at the top and bottom of every page of the application. Place your banner ads on all pages of quizzes users create. Rockyou Ads is a great company that shows Facebook related banner ads. You can even integrate with Google Adsense or any other company.

Script Requirements (for hosting):
Regular Shared Hosting
Mysql database

- You will get the full script (source code) with nothing encrypted and complete setup guide / install instructions.
- Free installation available upon request.
- Contact [email][/email] for support or request install.


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Social Marketing is a relatively new concept. However, its popularity is rising to new levels owing to some exciting innovations. There have been many attempts on devising marketing strategies based on the internet. Social media marketing is one such exciting option. There are many social networking sites such Facebook, Twitter etc. However, the popularity of Facebook is unmatched. Owing to its huge popularity, Facebook has become such a portal which has a huge potential for advertisement and promotion of products and services.

 Some ompanies have used Facebook very well for promoting their businesses. One need to know what is an effective plan which would help an organization in building rapport with their potential customers using Facebook. Below are presented few such strategies which would be helpful in promoting one’s products and services.

  1. Facebook isn’t built for promoting businesses and any account which seems to belong to any one else than a real person, it is bound to get deleted. So, in order to both keep your account active and promote your services, you need to have lots of friends, send lots of messages and remain active.                                                                                                
  2. Advertisements can be placed depending on the groups joined by the users, their relationship status and various other parameters. This would help them choose an advertisement which might suit them.                                                                                       
  3. Many companies have actually used their Facebook campaign for making their services better. Such companies take feedback about their products and services from the consumers from Facebook. Then, they work on the problems, suggestions, criticism etc of the users and can use them to make necessary changes in their working. A classic example of this is that of Dell Computers. It was reported that the negative feedback from the consumers dropped by a considerable amount after Dell registered its presence on Facebook and started collecting feedback from its customers via it.                                                                    
  4. Advertisers create groups for promotion of their products. They invite users to join such groups. This would help different users to get a know how of their products. It is quite possible that such users turn up later for actually buying their product.                                                                                                                                  
  5. One must be willing to adopt a change for good. Sometimes, any user may provide a feedback regarding use of a particular service or product. In case the feedback is not positive, the company must be willing enough to accept that and make the necessary changes. For example Nestle Inc. didn’t pay heed to the negative comments which were posted by the environmentalists regarding use of palm oil which was in turn disturbing the eco system due to continuous cutting of rain forests.                                                                                                                                    
  6. Let your customers know about the various products and services that you offer. You can even create promotional events and provide various types of offers such as discount coupons.                                                                                                                     
  7. Facebook has an application and with its use, users can like or dislike a product. If someone likes anything, his/her friends can see that and go on to use the product and post their comments, thus building your popularity.  

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